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Shower, faucet, bathroom basin is the most commonly used items, but a long time will always be shower gel, shampoo, soap, soap and other items to pollute, so bathroom supplies will always clean, below introduce several cleaning method.

For the shower, water scale cleaning is the most important, usually will shower head office mesh or other adsorbent scale components removed, brush cleaning after Ann back. In addition, washing supplies will make the showerhead chrome surface becomes dull, available neutral spray cleaner on a soft cloth, then wiping water tap.

Home of the hand basin with long, will be deposited and addicted to all kinds of pollutants, if is the porcelain basin, use soft brush or sponge with neutral detergent, must not be directly poured into the hot water cleaning, lest the basin. If the next block type wash basin, with particular attention to table below the junction of the corner portion and a basin. Bathroom faucet with a long time will lose luster, washing and shower as to avoid the use of the polished metal surface damage caused by detergents and cleaning supplies. After wiping should immediately rinse residue cleaning agent to clean, and then a soft damp cloth to remove residual water droplets. While on the tap water water mark is the most difficult to clean, usable amount of vinegar and water solution to wipe.

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